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Dedicated hosting
Dedicated hosting

The Best Dedicated Hosting Providers

Dedicated hosting is a form of hosting in which one customer has complete control over the hosted server. In contrast, other hosting forms like shared hosting or VPS do not provide that and you cannot use all the resources of the server. Because of its freedom dedicated hosting is the most expensive hosting method. Dedicated hosting is necessary for high-performance websites. Here are some of the best dedicated hosting providers.

Hostgator – the best cost-efficient dedicated hosting provider

Hostgator - the best cost-efficent dedicated hosting provider

Hostgator is a dedicated hosting provider that strikes with the fantastic balance between performance and cost. It gives you enough freedom to configure the dedicated server in the way that you need.

Hostgator lets you host whichever application you need to host. Hostgator provides different plans for dedicated hosting. So, you can choose the least expensive plan that fits your needs.

Furthermore, it allows you to choose between various well-known Windows and Linux distributions for the server, offering a fantastic level of flexibility.

Hostgator is an excellent option to almost every situation which calls for the dedicated server. In my opinion, Hostgator offers the best dedicated hosting service.


Bluehost logo

Bluehost is among the best dedicated hosting providers. It has many different options for dedicated costing and it does not blow your budget. Bluehost is really easy to use.

With Bluehost, you get enough RAM and processing power to get the application to host a rather big infrastructure. When you want to scale up, then you can take advantage of multi-server management tools of Bluehost.

Multi-server management enables you to control the infrastructure through many dedicated servers. Bluehost comes with well-equipped and convenient management tools, such as cPanel. CPanel is easy-to-use and allows you to keep everything running without requiring to dig very deep into technical details.

DreamHost – the best dedicated hosting provider, but the most expensive one

Dreamhost - the best dedicated hosting provider

DreamHost is a bit expensive provider but it offers really good service as well. It comes with many additional features that are easy-to-use. When you choose DreamHost, you get the complete hosting service.

All the plans of the DreamHost come with everything that you need. Furthermore, Dreamhost configures the servers automatically and you don’t have to worry about anything complicated.

All of the dedicated plans of DreamHost run on Ubuntu. Some of the features of Dreamhost are unlimited bandwidth, RAID-1 drives, root access and SSH, full-featured management panel, and DDOS protection.


GoDaddy logo

GoDaddy is the best-known dedicated hosting provider in the world. Even though, they focus mostly on the smaller sites and shared hosting, their dedicated hosting service is more than respectable.

GoDaddy has many different plans with various server power. You can find a plan that fits your needs.

GoDaddy’s pricing is reasonable. Their servers come with extras, like fantastic Intel Xeon processors, disk mirroring, and MS SQL.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting – things to consider

We all know that the World Wide Web has changed our lives in so many ways that we can’t imagine a future where we aren’t as connected as we are now.

It has especially changed the way companies work: it has improved communications, everyday processes have become so efficient that what used to take several hours can be done in a few minutes, allows access to information everywhere, etc.

In order for companies to continue developing there is a growing tendency to migrate most part of their activity to the internet, which makes it easy to access every necessary feature from anywhere.

Different hosting methods


There might be a risk by putting out company information on the Internet, that why you should consider your hosting method carefully.

There are several hosting types: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, etc. The main difference between them is the use of resources.

Dedicated hosting is the safest but also the most expensive hosting type.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting allows access to a whole server. The client has control over the whole server and its resources. If you manage the dedicated server right, it is the most secure hosting type. Since you have control over the whole server you have to pay more as well.

Having access to a whole server gives a lot of flexibility while migrating the services. The usual company activity won’t have major changes as there’s no need to adapt to other systems.

In order to achieve this level of customization, technical knowledge is necessary. Managing all the characteristics (operating system, software, firewall, virtualization, accessibility, etc. ) of a server to be secure and well configured is a hard task that requires some knowledge.

Tier level of servers

Another characteristic to take into account is the tier of the server hosting provider. The tier level defines server availability, security and component redundancy among others. The higher the tier level is, the more secure it is and the more availability time it will have.


This tier level is important as it can affect the company’s activity and well function in case of error. If a failure occurs, the lower tier servers might not assure the functioning of the company’s services for some time.

On the other hand, higher tier levels can provide functionality while fixing the error. Of course, this comes with a cost, because the higher the tier level is, the more expensive the server will be.

Dedicated hosting conclusion

To conclude, dedicated hosting is an attractive hosting alternative to those companies that look for security while having some flexibility. You should take into account that technical knowledge is important for optimizing and adapting the server’s functioning to the company’s.

Apart from that, the hosting service’s tier characteristic is also important as it can affect the company’s services availability and security. That is why the dedicated hosting service choice should also take this into account.

If you want to try out dedicated hosting you should try Bluehost or Hostinger.