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Best VPS Providers (Virtual Private Server)

Because of their cost-efficiency virtual private servers (VPS) are becoming more and more popular. In today’s internet-oriented world, having a website is a must for most businesses. It means extra expenses and most businesses just cannot afford dedicated servers. That’s where VPS comes in. VPS is just enough for the major part of the websites available on the internet. VPS has the same features like dedicated servers at a much lower cost. Here are some of the best VPS providers.

Bluehost – the best VPS provider

Bluehost - the best VPS provider

Bluehost is the leading Virtual Private Server provider in the industry. Their VPS plans offer different hosting options that fit the needs of almost every website.

Bluehost is the top choice in the market because of its flexibility and power. What’s cool about Bluehost is that they offer multi-server management. It means that you can manage more than one account in your control panel.

Bluehost is best for websites that require the ability to scale, without downtime or delays. It is easy to use and you can do everything without help from the Bluehost administrator, straight from the advanced cPanel.

Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail Logo

Amazon Lightsail is the easiest option for getting started with VPS for beginners. It is a really easy VPS solution.

Lightsail offers storage, networking capabilities and the possibility to manage and deploy web applications and websites in the cloud.

It also includes everything you need to launch a website – a virtual machine, data transfer, SSD-based storage, static IP, DNS management. In addition, Lightsail is a pocket-friendly solution as well.

InMotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting Logo

InMotion is one of the leading VPS providers serving customers all over the world. They offer high-performance, reliable hosting environments, ease of use and affordability.

The hallmark of the InMotion is their brilliance in customer service. Their main focus is to satisfy every customer by being friendly, effective and offering expert solutions to the problems.

InMotion is a trusted partner to both small and large businesses, with more than 17 years in the business. They care for the environment and the community, with ongoing sustainability programs and green data centers.

DreamHost – the best VPS provider in reliability

Dreamhost - one of the best VPS providers

Dreamhost offers radical web hosting services from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. It is rated on the best hosting service because they offer excellent uptime, a strong commitment to the customer service, passion for privacy, and powerful security.

Dreamhost services include dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, domain registration, and cloud computing. Dreamhost also has a special hosting plan word WordPress called DreamPress. DreamPress offers high performance and is simple, and easy to use.

Lunarpages Internet

Lunarpages is one of the leading providers of Virtual Private Servers with more than 150,000 customers. In contrast, they offer secure, compliant IT infrastructure, management, and reliability for small and major websites.

Lunarpages was founded in 1998 with the aim to become a worldwide whale in the business. For example, their solutions include colocation, cloud hosting services, and managed services.

Furthermore, Lunarpages’ services are designed to seek scalable, secure, enterprise-grade hosting, and robust solutions.


What is VPS – Virtual Private Server

The VPS (virtual private server) is a middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting. It is a cost-effective way of getting the features of dedicated hosting. Most small businesses do not require the power of a dedicated server. It provides the best in-between option if you outgrow the shared hosting. The virtual private server uses the virtualization technology to offer dedicated resources on the server with many users.

VPS is a more reliable, stable and secure solution than the shared hosting. Nevertheless, it is cheaper than renting the whole server. You should choose it if you are an owner of the website that have medium-level traffic. For low-level traffic, you should use shared hosting and for high-level traffic dedicated hosting.

There are many VPS providers and most of them offer different plans as well. For example, Hostinger offers six VPS plans that might suit your requirements.

How does VPS work?


The server is a computer in which your website contents are stored. Whenever the online visitor tries to access the website, the browser sends a request to the server. The server responds with content and browser displays it. Normally this server is physical but not with VPS. The VPS simulates the physical server because many users share the actual physical.

Hosting provider installs a virtual layer on the operating system of the server. This layer divides the server into the partitions and enabled every user to install their own software and OS.

Therefore, the virtual private server is private and shared at the same time because you have complete control. The easiest example of VPS technology is having two operating systems on the same computer and you can access both without rebooting.

Running the virtual private server allows you to set up the website within the secure container using definite resources you don’t require to share with the other users. Using the VPS, you have the same access as using a dedicated server with lower cost.

When should you use it?


The virtual private server is the next step once the website grows out of the resource that shared hosting provides. When the shared hosting plan is not enough to run the website efficiently, it is wise to upgrade to the VPS plan.

There are some cases in which you should use VPS from the beginning. For instance, an eCommerce website that requires secure payments with stable and a fast environment will benefit much from the virtual private server. Actually, if you have to store any type of sensitive data or you need to process payments online, VPS is a way to go. It will help you to reduce the security risks drastically.